Fruits for A Home Garden

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Although these plants are specifically ones that we have grown here in coastal Virginia, many of the varieties have a much wider range (esp. common fruits like raspberries, highbush blueberries and blackberries). Those fruits with an * are ones that have done especially well for us when grown without sprays here in Virginia Beach. I have added the horticultural identification and variety suggestions from our own growing experience. 

Climax Rabbiteye Blueberries

Shrubs and Medium Growers:

Blueberries, Rabbiteye* Vaccinium ashei -  Premiere, Climax, Tifblue
Blueberries, Highbush Vaccinium corymbosum - Blueray, Bluecrop
Bush Cherries Prunus (hybrids)  - Joel, Jan, Joy
Raspberries, Everbearing* Rubus (hybrids) - Jaclyn, Caroline

Pomegranate 'Wonderful'

Pomegranates* Punica granatum - Wonderful, Nana
Pineapple Guava* Feijoa sellowiana - Coolidge, Pineapple Gem
Che* Cudrania tricuspidata - Che, Chinese Mulberry


Blackberries, Thornless* Rubus (hybrids) - Triple Crown, Navaho, Arapaho, Ouachita Grapes, American Vitis labrusca - Concord, Norton (Cynthiana)
Grapes, Muscadine* Vitis rotundifolia - Carlos, Cowart, Fry Seedless
Kiwi, Fuzzy* Actinidia deliciosa -
Hayward ♀, Chico ♂
Kiwi, Arctic Actinidia arguta - Issai, Kolomitka

'Hachiy'a Asian Persimmon - Fall Fruits & Foliage
(and Rob's dog taking care of "watering" the tree,
thank you so much, Jonathan)


Persimmons, Asian* Diospyros kaki - Fuyu, Hachiya
Persimmons, Native* Diospyros virginiana
Pears, Asian* Pyrus pyrifolia - Tsu Li, Ichiban
Osborne Prolific Fig
Pears, American Pyrus spp. - Spalding, Bartlett, Honeysweet
Apples, Heirloom Malus spp. - Pippin, Liberty
Figs* Ficus carica - Celeste, Alma, Violette, Brown Turkey, Pawpaw Asimina triloba - Sunflower, Wells (no ID seedlings seem to do quite well)

Mulberry Morus spp. - Illinois Ev’bearing, Russian
Loquat* Eriobotrya japonica


Strawberries, Everbearing Fragaria spp. - Eversweet, Alpine

Triple Crown Blackberries

Miscellaneous Additional Notes:  Although erect, thornless blackberries are touted as being "bush" grown, we have found that every variety requires trellis support when fruiting.  Don't be taken in by "Groundcover Raspberries" - they look cool, but we've never tasted one worth chewing.

Information provided by Sybil Mays,