Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Home - New Gardens, Soon!

Okay, so here are the screen shots from the original Zillow listing for our new home - and new landscape.  The previous owners were quite a bit older, and you can tell that they had turned over all the landscape maintenance to a lawn service.  

See the "hedge" in front?  Well, those are actually rose bushes. Yep. Flat-top pruned like an evergreen hedge. Bottom of each is bare (you can't tell that here) and the blooms are minimal.  Never thinned. Pruned with hedge shears!

Here's the back of the house.  Pretty pedestrian and bare. This was a spring photo - I can tell you that the  shrubs in the kind of horrible pots were nine-tenths dead when we arrived in August. The little garden bed has landscape fabric (Lord, how I hate landscape fabric!) with mulch over it. Gah!  

Tree, however is a little redbud (Cercis canadensis) - healthy and in need of just a tad of pruning out down low.  Will be lovely next spring. And if I can get out the strings of tiny white lights embedded in it after years of being left there.  PS That is NOT my  lawn furniture. Just letting you know. And I did NOT pick out the pots - but I will do something constructive with them!

Love the little lawn. We don't have a traditional Back Yard with this house. Because of how it sits between two lanes, we have TWO front yards!  Although this is technically the back of the house, most of our traffic (car, bike and foot - mostly the last two!) comes by this view. Evening walkers - and there are many - stop and chat with the puppies when they are down near the fence. (Which of COURSE they are, knowing they are going to get to see people and doggies!) 

The Crape Myrtle in the corner (you can just see the edge of it) is a lovely pink now and the roadway Myrtles are white. Really nice.  Kind of ratty KnockOut roses in the far corner, begging for a decent pruning.Okay, so that's my record of the lawn even before we arrived. Yes, it looked worse than this. More photos will follow as I take on the challenge of a new (new! new!) gardening site.  We've gone Small  Scale and I couldn't be happier!

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