Saturday, July 4, 2015

Looks like Our Farm is Sold!

A few folks have asked what happened to my erratic blogging.  It was just too sad to try to blog while we "shut down"  the farm in preparation for moving on.

Well, now I'm happy
and sad
to say our darling farm is sold.
Barring paperwork catastrophes, of course.
Lots to be signed and signed and initialed and signed and initialed.....
Amazingly complicated.

(Who said there was a paperless society in our future? No one told the realtors and attorneys!)

We are moving to smaller, in-town digs and starting over as small space gardeners!
No chickens (sob).
No orchards (sob).

No huge areas to weed and mow and landscape,
fewer mad fights with bugs, fungus and...

For years, I've been talking and teaching about urban, small-space edible gardening - knowing that very few folks have acreages to play with as we have.  Finally, I get to really walk the walk that I've talked - managing good looking edible landscapes within a dense, HOA regulated, neighborhood.

It's hard for folks to believe that when we moved here, this farm was nothing but bare field and dirt.   Everyone tends to assume it was as beautiful as it is now.

"How can you leave this?" They cry in dismay.

But, you know, the fun was in the creating.
It always is.

And then you love and enjoy it all for a few years.
And then it's just maintenance.

Time to start over.
Time to create in a new place!

It will be fun to blog about our new
urban adventures!

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  1. We will be sad to see you go, but know you will still be rural Happy Hour guests for a long time to come!


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