Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fig Cuttings for Everyone!

Once again, we're taking fig cuttings, hoping to get as many fig trees started in different locations as possible.  It's been two years since we last did a major pruning on the fig trees here at the farm and I suspect this will be the last one - the farm goes up for sale this year.

(Yearning for a lovely five-acre farm loaded with fruits and ornamentals, just a short drive from the beach?  Send me an email!)

This year, I'm going to try something new: I'm gradually putting the fig cuttings up on eBay.  Look for "vbgarden" as the seller - it's us, Paradise Nursery, in our easy going retirement mode.

Among the healthy, sturdy cuttings I'll be sharing are ones from our Battaglia Green FIG TREE. Just so you know, this is THE Battaglia Green, the mother fig from which all genuine Battaglia Green figs originated. I know because we, Paradise Nursery, introduced it to the trade because we were so smitten with it. Battaglia Green is named for my friend, Sandy Battaglia, who insisted that we save the tree when the house and lot where it was located was being destroyed. It is a Strawberry Verte type fig - one of (if not THE) best we ever found.  Can't take it with me, so this is it, folks. Go find the eBay listing!

SPECIAL NOTE! This year a percentage of any money we make from auctioning the cuttings is going to help the Fig Foundation, an impressive effort by Jon Verdick, one of the outstanding fig collectors here in the U.S., to establish a fig arboretum near  San Diego, California.  Jon created the website, chock full of good fig info!   Please do check it out!

Need help and hand-holding while you root your fig cuttings?  The tab for our page on Propagating Fig Trees is  right up at the top of the page.  Leave me a comment there or here if you have questions that aren't covered or send an email to sybilmays(at)  Love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Sybil. I will be watching and bidding. will you still be doing this blog when you move into your new place? I have so enjoyed reading about your chicken adventures .

  2. Hi, Cody! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the blog! I've been so sad about leaving the farm that I haven't done a lot of blogging this year, but spring is here and .... well, who can resist? I wish we could have chickens anywhere we go but, alas, I think we are going to step down to a very small place and very small yard. For years, I've been preaching about small yard gardening and food production so, yes! I will be blogging about what I can grow in my new (tip of the hat to John Jeavons) square feet (rather than acres) of gardening! Stay tuned!

  3. Do you still have any Battaglia cuttings? Thank-you, billy

    1. sorry, Billy - the mother Battaglia now belongs to the new owner of our farm. But you can check the forums for possible cuttings for sale or trade! - Sybil


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