Thursday, September 4, 2014

'Mater Harvests, August continues!

Last big tomato harvest!
About ten pounds, all Health Kick, the Roma/saladette type bred for super-high lycopene content.  These are going to be chopped up for sauces and dishes we'll be cooking later this fall.

You know how we all have kitchen "gadget hacks" - using one utensil for other, original purposes? 
Yep. Me, too. 
Either because I like it better than the specified tool for the job, or because - more often than not - I can't find the darned tool I want to use.  Check out this one - fishing tomatoes out of their hot water bath with.... the pasta doohickey.  You know, the spaghetti grabber/spoon ... Oh, heck - THIS thing:

Genius, eh?
Worked like a charm!

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