Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gardens? What Gardens?

Mimi, Fearless Mole Tracker
Anyone actually paying attention to this much-neglected blog will have picked up on a noticeable lack of posts about this year's gardens.

That's because this year to date has been all about trying to SAVE any bit of the gardens rather than enhancing them.

"Why?" you ask.

Behold the Why.
Mimi, Leader of the Death To Moles Search & Destroy Commandos, self appointed to annihilate any and all evidence of Moles (horrible moles! hideous moles! invading moles!) from its property.  Which, unfortunately, also happens to be MY property - or, more to the point, MY GARDENS.

No hosta has been left unturned.  No daylily untrampled.  On one glorious occasion, an Actual Mole was obtained and immediately assassinated by the Tzu Death Patrol.  Encouraged by this happy success,  all efforts were redoubled.

Our yard looks like the IRA has been using it for bomb practice.

On the other hand, I'll never have to till the gardens again.


  1. Think she'd like to come over to chase some of our lovely white tailed fluffy friends out of our gardens before someone has a heart attack?

  2. Maybe we can send her out on loan!


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