Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roosters Come, Roosters Go....

Well the sadness over the demise of The Dude passed in time
and the girls were getting restless.
They like having a guy around.
It sort of organizes the flock.
Welcome, Mr. Frizzle.

That's a rooster.
Came to us named "Fluffy".
Guess why?
But that just didn't seem macho enough for a guy
about to head up his own flock of hens.
But he was so obviously frizzled and frazzled...
runner-up title was Rasta Man . . .
but somehow Mr. Frizzle stuck.
Ain't he gorgeous?

He settled right in 
and began taking good care of his ladies:
Check out his strut!

More on gardening with chickens later.
I just thought you'd like to meet
The New Guy.

Stay calm and happy,
enjoy the last warm days
harvest your garden and
hassle your chickens . . . 
It's what makes life worthwhile!


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