Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye to The Little Dude, Our Tiny Rooster

One of the things about farm life is
the realization
that tragedy happens.

This is The Dude.
Tiniest Rooster imaginable.
And bravest.

The Dude died today.
Torn to shreds by some marauding predator.
But he managed to keep his hens safe.
They are all back tonight - 
gathered from all the spots where they had hidden.

When we adopted The Dude last May
he had been the tiniest rooster in the group
all of his life.  Timid.
Always on the outskirts of the flock,
never allowed near the hens.
He woke up here to find himself
inside his best dream - 
Lone Rooster of a flock of his own,
composed of Giant Females.

He strutted, he postured,
he spoiled all of them senseless.
And he protected them - 
check out my earlier video of The Dude
escorting our little crippled hen, Limpy Chicken,
to the coop at egg-laying time:

And you get to hear his "mighty" crow!

Well, The Dude didn't live forever.
But, I promise you,
he had the BEST summer of his life
and he realized all of his dreams
 with joy before he died.

I hope I'll be that lucky.

with a sad smile,

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Chickens' Garden

Yep. A little garden totally planted by the chickens - sprouted from a variety of seeds that were scratched in and buried in their old outdoor run area.

Here's the first time I noticed that the area 
the girls had scratched bare over the winter  was coming up in.... 

Looks like nothing?  Squint closer.
Those are squash (or melons, or cucumbers - we don't know yet), 
tomatoes foreground and middle area and pepper plants!

So I let the veggies go on growing....

The tall numbers in the foreground are Jerusalem Artichokes.
The pink skinned kind. Delicious!
You can see the raccoon-proof, reconfigurable chain link run
in the background. And where it used to be,
now the Chickens' Garden!
Still doesn't look like much.
The fat white hen showed up to help weed.

But wait! There's more!
(like a  TV sales pitch)
This next photo is from today (August 4th).

Are you impressed yet?
Go, go chickens!
It's gonna be huge fun seeing what kinds of 
tomatoes, peppers and melon/squash 
we end up with.  Probably inedible -
or .... maybe... DELICIOUS!

with a grin,