Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Japanese Maples Lighting Up The Spring!

The Japanese Maples  loved this cool, damp spring.
Each one kept the delicate spring colors
of the new growth all month - 
and it's been glorious!

 We don't know the names of most of our maples -
These have all been "gifts" from fellow plant vendors
who had them left over at the end of plant sales,
their tags gone - "not suitable for sale"
 This small maple tree looks like it has huge red flowers - 
the bright red two-winged samaras
the seed carriers
are so very dramatic.
Later it will just be green, but for today -
 We love this Japanese Maple for its stunning  fall color,
but this delicate shading of spring growth
is lyrical in the sunlight.

 This poor maple burns out by August - 
the variegation is so intense, with so much white,
that it can't take the hot coastal sun.
The pink is fabulous, though -
This one I do know the variety of.
It came with a tag that says "Flamingo".
 Now it makes up part of my shade garden.
A shade garden in the middle of a field.
My pride and joy.

Bloodgood is the only one of the Japanese Maple gang
in this space
that keeps this burgundy color right on through the summer.
It's a real in-your-face color but I have to admit,
this time of year,
I really prefer the delicate bronze-pink foliage of the
"plain old green maple" girls.

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