Friday, June 7, 2013

Cherry Picking Time!

My buddy, Holly, left town for several months 
and willed me custody of her sour cherry trees.
Bless her heart!
 I drove out to her place a few days earlier 
and found the trees covered in ripening cherries.
Drove back out this week - 
about 80% were gone!
 But enough were left -
I grabbed a container and began picking,
picking, picking.
 The robins and mockingbirds were irate!
They scolded and bounced from branch to branch,
doing their very best to scare me away.
 BUT, I was undeterred.
The winged folks had already had more than their share
and would still have all those cherries
hanging tantalizingly out of my reach...
darn it!
But I managed to gather a nice little harvest.
Not really enough for pie,
or bothering to dry -
certainly not enough for jam....
or any of the other things adults do with a harvest....

So I ate them all. 
On the spot!
Just like a happy kid.


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