Monday, April 29, 2013

April.... One full day of gardening.....

One glorious day of perfect weather and no hours at the library working, 
so we raced ahead of the incoming rains and worked all day in/on the yard and the gardens.  
Seldom has so much mowing and trimming and weeding and transplanting and mulching
..... pant, pant..... 
been accomplished in a single day.

But, how satisfying! 
Admire the neatly trimmed yard and garden beds! 
(That's Rob planting a last couple of rose bushes in the new South side flower bed as the first late afternoon clouds start moving in.)

Neatly trimmed road side - daylilies are up along the fence and looking good!
Amazing how well they do out there on their own.
Can't wait for the colors!

 There's a little more work to be done around the North side, but even that is looking quite a bit more respectable.  Evenly mowed grass..... well, that'll last until the dandelions pop their blooms up again.  Hard to dislike them when I see the bees rejoicing in the glorious golden blossoms of food....

Not much is "out" yet.  Of course, none of the daylilies along the fence will be blooming until June but, my, oh, my - look at the Viburnum.  That girl just gets larger and more impressive each season.  We can hear the cars slowing down so folks can look closer.

Viburnum macrocephalum in full bloom April 25th!

Every one of those blossoms is the size of a child's head.  And brilliantly white!
You'd think I actually do something to encourage the plant
to do well, wouldn't you?
Nope.  It's just .... strong.  
And beautiful.

Viburnum  'Kern's Pink'

This little darling (unfortunately overexposed in the closeup photo) is Kern's Pink viburnum.  
Almost the same age as the giant white, it's much more restrained 
with a gentle pink/white shading to each blossom.  
It would make lovely bouquets if I ever had the heart to cut the blossoms off.

Hard to believe that a Japanese Maple breeder gave me this as a tiny start
because he had lost the tag and ID for the variety.  It's beautiful.
The shady raised bed that produced our spring lettuce in years past is gone!  
Too many Japanese Maple rootlets had penetrated it.  
I'm thinking a lovely shrub in there..... no inspirations yet, however.  
Needs to be gentle so the delicate Japanese Maple foliage is overwhelmed.  

Eriobotrya japonica fruits forming!
For once they didn't freeze in the spring.
Last but not least, thrill for the season!
It appears the @#$% Sapsucker has moved on. 


Did the brilliant, shiny bird-repellent tape strands finally drive him nuts with the constant crackling and whisking about? Or has he simply moved on during nesting season only to return next winter?

No matter.  What counts now is that my beloved Loquat tree seems to be surviving very well and, thanks to the mild winter, it is FULL OF FRUITS!

Oh, my, my.

I am such a happy girl!

You should plan on coming over for a Loquat feast in about a month.....  YUM!

Welcome to May!     --  Sybil

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  1. Everything is looking fabulous! Can't wait until everything else starts blooming!


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