Monday, February 25, 2013

More Daffodils!

The farm is a soggy mess.
We can't get past the mud to mow or move stuff.
We oughta be putting in rice paddies, I swear.

But out of all the gray and dreariness,
the daffodils are blooming like mad!

The only sunshine today is the brilliant yellow
of the daffodil clumps.... each one like a sun on a stick, a valiant green stick of stem waving above the mud....

and then there are these beauties.
A true apricot peach - almost a pink - on the inner petals with a brilliant burst of yellow at the center and a collar of brilliant white on the outside.

I'll bet you're hoping I remember the name, huh?

Well, actually, they came from a mass bulb buy at Brent & Becky's Bulbs in Gloucester one year and, nope, I have NO idea what the name might have been.

That's pretty much the story of my personal gardens.  I start with such organized plans and lists - sketches and graph paper, labels and tags.... A few years later? Nothing to show for any of it. Things have seeded where they will, or died out where I wanted them. Nature has re-sorted every one of my plans.

There's a life analogy in that somewhere, but I'll spare us both by ignoring it!

Hurricanes and hurried weeding have made havoc of the tidy tags..... which is fine because, frankly, I hate the look of a garden cluttered with plant tags. Too long working in botanical displays, I suppose.

How we kept the commercial plant nursery so well organized is a mystery.  Well, that was business and this is pleasure.  And I can't say that I find these beautiful flowers any the less grand for not knowing their names.... although, well, dang it, I guess it would please me to know.  There's nothing a horticulturist loves more than official names!

Oh, well.
Enjoy your daffodils!  Spring is just around the corner!

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