Monday, February 25, 2013

More Daffodils!

The farm is a soggy mess.
We can't get past the mud to mow or move stuff.
We oughta be putting in rice paddies, I swear.

But out of all the gray and dreariness,
the daffodils are blooming like mad!

The only sunshine today is the brilliant yellow
of the daffodil clumps.... each one like a sun on a stick, a valiant green stick of stem waving above the mud....

and then there are these beauties.
A true apricot peach - almost a pink - on the inner petals with a brilliant burst of yellow at the center and a collar of brilliant white on the outside.

I'll bet you're hoping I remember the name, huh?

Well, actually, they came from a mass bulb buy at Brent & Becky's Bulbs in Gloucester one year and, nope, I have NO idea what the name might have been.

That's pretty much the story of my personal gardens.  I start with such organized plans and lists - sketches and graph paper, labels and tags.... A few years later? Nothing to show for any of it. Things have seeded where they will, or died out where I wanted them. Nature has re-sorted every one of my plans.

There's a life analogy in that somewhere, but I'll spare us both by ignoring it!

Hurricanes and hurried weeding have made havoc of the tidy tags..... which is fine because, frankly, I hate the look of a garden cluttered with plant tags. Too long working in botanical displays, I suppose.

How we kept the commercial plant nursery so well organized is a mystery.  Well, that was business and this is pleasure.  And I can't say that I find these beautiful flowers any the less grand for not knowing their names.... although, well, dang it, I guess it would please me to know.  There's nothing a horticulturist loves more than official names!

Oh, well.
Enjoy your daffodils!  Spring is just around the corner!

Monday, February 18, 2013

February in Blackwater (Mansfield Farms)

My, oh my.
 February may be dreary in Tidewater,
 but it is the ecstatic breaks to warmness that keep me alive.
Between the snow "storms", during the balmy days,
the early ornamental cherries burst into bloom
at th entrance to Mansfield Farms development - -
an optimistic harbinger of spring to come.
How I hated the long, long sepia toned
winters on the Great Lakes.
No color for months on end.
Just a couple of warm days to breathe,
that's all I ever need in winter.
Just looking at those precocious cherry blossoms makes me smile!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just the Morning View. . .

Stumbled on this photo stored on my phone.
It was taken with my phone camera.

It's a photo of the two horses my next-door neighbor, Kristi, has grazing out in the fields.  They always look so peaceful.
Slows me right down when I'm dashing out to the chickens or racing to my car to get to work at the library in the morning.

I'm not much of a photographer and I've never had a "good" camera, so I'm happy as a clam with my little phone camera.

Truth is, my iPhone takes better pictures than my camera.

So, this doesn't have any deep discussion with it.
Just happy horses grazing in the morning sun.

Sometimes life is just good.  And, really, you've got to admire my view!