Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gardens of Glass

It's dreary winter here in Virginia Beach, 
not frozen but mud, mud, mud and gray, foggy skies. 
No planting to be done yet, too wet to mow, too damp and rainy to enjoy being out pruning..... 

So, we took a day off and went to the Museum of Fine Art in Richmond.
The Dale Chihuly exhibit - 
a riot of color and joy! 
It was like touring gardens of glass.

Just a few images to share with you - 

Undersea gardens....

Fern? Urchin? Plant? Animal?

The displays were perfect - catch the beauty of the reflections....

The real and the imaginary blended in the outside pools.

For some reason, this evokes for me the cool blue
of mountain forests.

Outrageous, beautiful, inspiring.
For two gardeners deprived of summer's bright colors,
this was a day of imaginary sunshine!

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