Friday, November 23, 2012

New York & Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Book of Lists

Speaking of gardeners and their holiday/spring wish lists - some of you may already know that my husband, Rob, and I were one of the contributing teams in the compilation of this unbelievably useful gardening book.  Dr. Bonnie Appleton, a much missed, long-time friend of ours, did an outstanding job of soliciting specific plant lists from regional horticulturists, each with their own specialties   We contributed the edible gardening list for the Mid-Atlantic region.

I know most of the contributors to this guide and the "authors" read like a who's-who of gardening experts for our area.  Need a list of plants for a shady but dry spot?  Want them to be ground-covers ?No, maybe shrubs? Or perhaps blooming perennials?  You can work out the entire landscaping dilemma - and thousand of others by cross-referencing these simple, handy lists.  It's not a fancy, illustrated tome - it's one of those books you take with you to the garden center, along with your pencil, and begin brainstorming and checking off possibilities.

While working on our house-clearing,  "organizing to move from the farm" efforts <sigh>, I discovered a small stash of these books, apparently left from the original sales via our Paradise Nursery website.  If any of you would like to have a copy of this book, for your own gardening or to give to a beloved gardener, I'm going to be sending them out for $10, which will include the S&H.  If you want them for this Christmas, you'll need to let me know ASAP!  This is just a first-come-first-serve offer - the old fashioned way, via Paypal or check. There aren't many copies, so do let me know as soon as you decide.

(You can click on this link to see the Amazon page for New York & Mid-Atlantic Gardener's Book of Lists   and read the reviews, check their price, etc.  )


  1. I should grab this up next time!

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

  2. Still have about five copies, STS - so shoot me an email ( if you would still like to have a copy!


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