Friday, November 23, 2012

Last Fall Garden Cleanup

Raised beds are cleared out - last red peppers harvested TODAY!
In past years, the beds have been turned over to
greens and cabbage, as you can see above.
This year, for the first time, the beds are bare.
They will be dismantled this winter, I think,
as we get the farm ready for sale in the spring.
The boards are old and weathered.
A bit like their builders, I'm thinking!


  1. Why not leave the beds for the next owners?

  2. These old beds have reached the end of their useful life. Bottom of the timbers have finally rotted out and the holding nails are no longer holding! (We never use "treated" lumber in our garden structures - untreated landscape timbers and posts last about a decade, which is perfect for our uses.)

    When we built the raised garden beds, we positioned them alongside our range of nursery hoop houses so they'd be handy for me to tend and harvest on my way in from the plant nursery. Now, with the hoop houses sold and gone, the poor beds are isolated a long way from the house - no joy there! And, I suspect, that they are smack in what new owners will most likely want for horse pasture - given that all our surrounding farms are now housing horses - much to our own entertainment. I have to say, looking out the window at horses playing is a lot more engaging than watching corn grow! LOL

    No, the new owners will have the fun of putting their gardens exactly where they'd love to have them - lots of room here for creativity! And no old, rotting stuff to contend with!


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