Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Glory Bower is in Full Seed!

Let the Fall Season Begin!

The Harlequin Glory Bower (Clerodendrum trichotomum*) that fills the north end of our porch garden has changed from full, sweet-scented summer bloom to its riot of fall color.  I fell for this plant in the fall.  These seeds are OUTRAGEOUS! The indigo blue seeds and fuschia pods, which open into star-like "petals" are actually much showier than the flowers.

Talk about off-season interest in the garden! 

Some call it a small tree (I do and that's how I prune it), some call it a large shrub. Tree form is easiest, I think, because it spreads both from suckers and the seeds, which are poisonous to humans but apparently fine bird food.  I can pull suckers and mow seedlings much easier under a higher, open canopy.

Want one?  Next spring I'll have batches of babies!  Oooh, I'll pot some up for the plant swap!


PS.  Clerodendrum is the official genus, but Clerodendron makes more botanical logic and is often the spelling you find, from me and most plantsfolks.

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