Monday, September 17, 2012


Once again, the faithful Night-Blooming Cereus has put out her magnificent flowers right on schedule.  They seem to come out each year just as the nights get cooler.  It's a pleasure to sit on the porch and watch them open. The white flowers stand out against the darkness of the night and the fabulous, sweet fragrance fills the entire area.  Cereus cacti are night-pollinated by the large beautiful sphinx moths.

The first year I "adopted" her from a friend and brought her back to a really  healthy state, Cereus put out a number of blooms that opened like a slow animation as the evening went on.  As the blossoms opened and lifted, the entire plant seemed to quiver with effort and anticipation.

She wanted a moth!  
She needed that moth!!!  

I watched her opening each blossom along the branches hanging over the edge of her clay pot, there on the screened in porch.  As the petals of each quivered open, you could almost hear the yearning for moth, moth, moth! Finally, sympathy won out.

 "Honey," I said, "I've had moments when I felt the exact same way!" and I carried the Cereus, pot and all, out into the free night where the moths flew.

A gal has just got to have her chance, you know?

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