Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet the Babies!

Speaking of things that run amok in August - meet the babies!  Mother banty hen, Freckles, has her new brood out and about. (She sat the eggs from several of my less maternally-minded hens.  Freckles would and probably could hatch a rock if she didn't find anything more suitable. Determined doesn't begin to describe her.)  The chicks are starting to look vaguely like chickens.  What's really amazing is that I can already tell which chick came from which hen in the flock!  All slightly "off" the original by the effect of the tall white daddy, RoosterMan.   Enjoy!

Enjoying a bit of canteloupe on a hot summer morning.

Hiding camera on my lap so Freckles will stay calm.
See her watching me?  What am I up to??
Babies couldn't care less.
All moms are black and white breeds except Freckles,
whose own baby (way to the right) hardly shows up here.

There is nothing, truly, any more relaxing than the gentle burbling of a mama hen
and the faint, constant chorus of baby trills and cheeps than answer her.
If you sit out in the coop for a few moments on a sultry summer afternoon,
the day pours over you like molasses.
You must nap.

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