Monday, August 27, 2012

And the Rains Came .... and came... and....


It's August.  You can't fool me, I know miserably hot and humid when I'm in it.  My two intolerable conditions.  In tandem.  Dog days. The dogs don't want them.   My garden is running amok. I'm ignoring it as much as possible, although yesterday I did have to go out and beat back the Jasmine vine that was making a serious effort to get into the house.  Same vine I was told would likely die away in any winter.  Nope.  Fabulous in June.  Feral in August.
Come for a walk with me.   Before the garden gets us both.
Isn't this lovely?  This was the pool garden in June.  Calm and collected, much like its gardener.  There were a few spots I felt were "bare" so when I tripped over  a decidedly cheap little six pack of blindingly chartreuse sweet potato vine plants at Home Depot in July, so I popped them in to "liven it all up a bit" over the summer when the spring plants die back.
Behold the result in August....
It's going for the pool.  This photo really doesn't even do the vine justice.
It's grown since this was taken.  By the hour.
I have clippers in hand.
But it's too @#$ hot and humid to go out there
and fight it.
More later, I have to go pour some iced tea.

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