Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will You Love Me Even If I Neglect You?

Now is the summer of our discontent... paraphrasing Will Shakespeare.  After months of being neglected by yours truly, who was completely distracted by a lovely lime green bicycle and a good cause.... my garden is tallying up its wins and losses.  Any and all annuals are toast - with the startling exception of the Italian pepper plants.  Who knew those would be the tough guys?

Oh, and the self-seeded zinnias.  Rangy, disorganized and oh, so cheerful!  Bless 'em!

ALL the tomato plants died except one 'Sun Sugar' that was grown in a pot as an eventual present for a dear friend.  The tomatoes, cherry and heirloom and romas, were planted directly into new garden bed areas that were apparently full of blight. We've always planted into raised beds because of the horrible clay soil - and I skipped it this spring.  Bad move.  No tomatoes. I can hardly believe it.  My reputation is ruined.  Phooey.

Do I try replanting in this heat - or simply devote my dollars to supporting our local farm stands?  I know, I know - any other tomatoes are never, ever quite as good as those from your own garden.  But still.....

The blueberry bushes rejoiced in the mild spring and early summer and the regular downpours offset any neglect on my part.  Lovely bushes... great harvest. No, no, I don't weigh things.  We got lots.  Handfuls, bucketfuls, enough for us and family and friends. 

Finally, with very little encouragement, the bushes are developing some size.  We miss the huge - 10' and larger - rabbiteye bushes that we removed years ago, but these youngsters are starting to come along.    Notice that they are doing so without weed killer, mulch or any other favors on our part.  Rabbiteyes (Vaccinium ashei) - you can't beat 'em! 


  1. I am so sorry about the tomatoes. What a bummer.


  2. Ah, Lisa, So sad. It's true - I neglected the tomatoes and they did NOT love me anyway! :(

  3. I really enjoy your blog--thanks for all your information about edible landscaping. This is one of my favorite topics :)

  4. Oooh, Shannon, you are a DOLL. Now I feel even guiltier for my lax blogging this summer! But my cleaned office space is ready to rock and I'm ready to do anything plant-wise that doesn't actually require me to go outside. LOL Yeesh. It's sooooo August.


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