Monday, July 23, 2012

Where are all my right-hand garden gloves?

Okay, I give.

Where are all my right-handed gardening gloves?

Am I the only person who grabs gloves on the way out to the garden only to discover that I have only half of each pair in my possession?

Oh, I know what has happened .... I've pulled one glove off to answer the cellphone in my pocket, or to grab a small bit of something or to clean my glasses....... but what the @#$%*  did I DO WITH IT after that?????

What happens to your gloves?  Am I the only fool who consistently ends up with half of six pairs by the end of the season???  <sigh> Somehow my ramshackle gardening never matches my internal image of myself as The Lady Gardener of our small corner of paradise. ----->

FYI, the gloves in the photo are absolutely The Best Gloves Ever.  Seriously.  Treat yourself at (or your local retailer if they carry them) and grab several pairs.  They are Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves NT370.  I'll try to put a link to the Amazon match on the Inspired Garden Reads widget over on the left of the blog page, just scroll through the books. (I'm not the best at this). You really want to read all those books anyway, I'm just telling you.....they are invaluable and, yes, inspiring!

You can also order the gloves less expensively through some of the Amazon retail associates and probably dozens of other retailers.  So order away.....

THEN, when you end up with extra right-handed gloves at the end of the season.... send them to me !!  :)


  1. Buy gardening gloves made of waterproof materials. This will keep your hands dry and comfortable when working with water and moist soil, and will also help prevent your hands from blistering.

  2. Alas, no good in these hot summers. When it gets over 90 F, my hands sweat so much INSIDE waterproof gloves that it's worse than getting damp in the garden!I've fallen in love with the nitrile gloves - breathing, open top that keeps my hands cool and a truly resilient, flexible, waterproof bottom. I wish I'd had the darned things decades ago when I was trying to garden in huge, man-sized gloves because that's all there was!

  3. It’s so important to have protective gloves aside from that it looks good. Primarily, the purpose of wearing gloves is for protecting the hands from dirt and getting hurt. We sometimes would choose prettier gloves over the more protective ones, but in the end our comfort and protection should come first.


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