Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Green or Black Gardening Tools? Really?

Who on earth had the bright idea of making gardening tools green?
Obviously, this designer was no gardener.
Do you think I can find my favorite black handled trowel?
Where ever it landed in the piles of weeds and dirt......
Or my nifty green handled pruners?????

I mean really.  My Fiskars pruners get used all the time, not even really because I love them the most although they are decent pruners.
Nah.  It's because they have RED handles and I can FIND them.

You can bet that if I'm wading into underbrush, armed with those trusty long-handled loppers, and they have GREEN handles.... I'm a-gonna lose those loppers before the brush whacking is done. I'll set them down in a sea of whacked branches and then... and then....



  1. No kidding! I lose tools not only at home, but at work, too (I delineate wetlands). My latest loss was a 4-foot tall soil auger. My most expensive, a camera. Why on earth are all camera cases black or dark blue??? Small items like compasses (and now cameras) are physically attached to my field vest with cords. I try to remember to wrap bright orange survey tape around tools, but it does break off.

  2. A reason i have never bought a camo colored wallet, or saw, or knife...well, you get the picture.

  3. Agreed, obviously never field-tested. Those beasts will be impossible to find.

  4. Potential solution: brightly colored (e.g. pink or yellow) duct tape!!!


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