Sunday, May 20, 2012

May? Already? Already Mostly Over?

Mile 7.8 South on the Dismal Swamp Canal Bike Path (formerly route 17)
You'll notice this sure isn't a photo of my garden.  But it's a good shot of where I've been instead of gardening!  Seems like any decent day I'm out - either on the Back Bay/False Cape trails south of Sandbridge beach or on the amazing Dismal Swamp Canal Bike Path. Can you believe this?  Chesapeake VA set aside almost 10 miles of two lane highway -seriously! no cars! - right along the beautiful canal (which you can't see in this shot) strictly for cyclists, runners, walkers and even horses.  When I started biking to get ready for The Great Bicycle Tour,  the 200 mile ride I'm doing this July to benefit the San Mar Children's Home, that field over there on the right was bare.  Now the wheat is soon ready to be harvested.   - - - Unlike anything in my garden.  Ha. - - -

But all is well.  The decidedly neglected looking landscapes around our farm are just counterpoint to the Over-Three-Thousand dollars raised to help the kids at San Mar.  Whooo hoooo!

I just hope that some of those fig cuttings I sent out earlier this spring made it.  I know some didn't (very sad, very sad) but I do know that some went out to folks with as much experience as I have... and more!.... so hopefully little trees are starting by now.  And lawd, but I'm glad to see from everyone else's blog that Somebody is out there gardening!   Sure hasn't been me!!


  1. That is a gorgeous place to train! And, the cuttings are gradually getting potted up as they show some roots. Soon, I am going to have to think of where the permanent homes for them will be!

    Happy Training!

  2. Yay, Thad! Glad to hear your cuttings are doing well!

    The DSCT really IS a gorgeous place to train - or hike, explore Civil War history or riparian biology, birdwatch... whatever! Lovely! The only disconcerting things are the Bear Warning posters every five miles or so. Half of the sign instructs you on what to do before you see the bear and the other side instructs you on what to do AFTER you see the bear. Luckily for me, there have always been bikers on the path long before I get there, so I'm hoping that there will be NO bear sightings.

    I did, however, get chased by a wild boar in the False Cape seashore park, back in the maritime dune forest. Ack! Ack! This fundraising thing is much harder than I thought! LOL


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