Monday, May 21, 2012

Goats and Roses

Okay, I could NOT resist!  As long as I'm taking you touring anywhere but my garden, I had to share this photo, taken off Long  Ridge Road in Virginia Beach.  This goat was just sitting in her chair, looking outrageously comfortable.  No other option but to stop everything and snap this photo.

Incidentally, the goat's "garden" looks about like mine.  <sigh>

True to form, this isn't my garden either - it's my mother-in-law's yard and the mother of my own lovely Lady Banks rose (Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'). I just found this on the camera.  Exposure is a bit off but you can still see the arching habit and amazing May flowers that make this rose such a special garden highlight.  Roots from cuttings - no thorns or pests that I've ever found.  Ours used to be wa-ay out back on the pump house, which it threatened to engulf, so early this spring I yanked it out - dug and chopped and swore and made all kinds of tender promises - and I put it along a length of fence near the house where it survived -even bloomed a bit - and where it promises to copy its mother... just like this!

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