Sunday, April 15, 2012

Need a Loquat?

This is a "shout out to my homies" here in Hampton Roads.  Several of you have coveted my beautiful Loquat trees (Eriobotyra japonica).  I just stopped in at a neighborhood greenhouse/nursery operation down here in Blackwater on Hungarian Road (Cedar Creek Greenhouses) and, as I was driving out, I happened to glance into one of the unheated houses to notice TWO loquat trees, probably 7' each.  They are a tad spindly; loquats really need a bit of room and these were seriously pot-bound.  BUT, if you haven't found any loquats at other local plant outlets - here's your chance.  Alas, I did not stop to get the prices.  If you are seriously interested, let me know and I'll go ask.

These are extraordinary trees for our area, not over-sized and beautifully evergreen with deep green, almost hard, leaves and very fragrant flowers that turn into golden nuggets that are one of my favorite little fruits (if it's a spring without hard freezes to damage the forming fruit - like this spring).  For beekeepers, they are even more special because they bloom and provide food for bees during November and December, when there are few other flower sources around.  On a warm winter day, our loquat trees vibrate with hundreds of greedy bees.

Very cool plants - go get one!


  1. Hi Sybil,
    I'm interested if they aren't too expensive. Did you happen to catch if it is a named variety? I could call them too if you can tell me the name of the nursery.

  2. Laura, I doubt if they are a named variety but the nursery is Cedar Creek Greenhouse & Nursery in Chesapeake VA. They may have a garden center of some kind on Battlefield Blvd. down on this end but I'm thinking of their greenhouses/growing nursery on Hungarian Road. The phone number is listed as 482-1911 but that might be the garden center. If it doesn't get you in touch with them, let me know and I'll drive over and ask! - Sybil


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