Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clearing the Beds & Garden Recycling Notes

It's way past time to get the garden beds cleaned up and into spring.  The rest of you are making me feel like a bad mother, with your tidy, tended gardens and bursting spring harvests.  While you've been fluffing those carefully mulched beds, I've been out being chased by wild boars on my bicycle.  No lie. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an amazing place.  Hair-raising might be a better word.

But, anyway, I'm at work in the gardens around the farm.  Firstly, because I've been cursed with a cold and I can't breathe enough to pump bike pedals. Secondly, because - as always - I've been sucked into plant sales and come home with trays of stuff that have no gardens ready to receive them.  So, wheezing guiltily, I'm at work on this one balmy afternoon for this week.  Hoeing away (no mulch down yet), I was thinking about recycling (yes, it's Earth Day Week) and how gardeners are intuitive, natural recyclers. Not just composting, but plant dividing and sharing, seed saving.... and then there's the entire world of recycled garden art.

Here's an example from my side garden (admittedly still looking a bit ragged):

Add to that the fact that virtually everything in this garden - daylilies, palms, coneflowers - are all divisions, swaps, or gifts from friends, and there you have it.  A totally recycled garden!  Which will now be mulched with  aged shreddings from the last time Dominion Power cleared their right of ways down here.  Voila!

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