Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Virginia Beach Seed and Poultry Swap March 10

Oh, c'mon now - it's SPRING (even through it is an absolutely dismal, cold day today)
and it's time for farm fun in Virginia Beach.  Who could resist the second
Virginia Beach Seed & Poultry Swap
My Speckled Hamburg hen, Henny Penny.
happening next Saturday (March 10)?

I didn't get to the first swap - didn't even know about it! And it is right in my neck of the woods.... err... swamp...

The swap will be at Back Bay Botanicals, 1549 N. Muddy Creek Road, Virginia Beach .

It's the brainstorm of a really innovative gal, Gina Lynch, who has just begun developing a pick-your-own flower and herb farm in Back Bay (between Virginia Beach and Sandbridge).  She's offering seeds and/or plant swaps, chickens, eggs and who knows what else?  She has invented a Rent-a-Chick deal where parents can "borrow" chicks for their childen to enjoy for several weeks (complete with supplies and instructions).

And her eggs come in cartons labelled "Just Got Laid in Pungo".... I mean, can you beat that? I'm still laughing!

I just don't think I can resist.  Between the fun of finding a new chicken person - and a potential supply of chickens in case of need (like when the roaming dogs murdered off 80% of my flock this past winter), I am a huge believer in supporting our local farms and entrepreneurs!

Now I just have to check my seeds to see what I saved that can be swapped.  Hyancinth beans, anyone?


  1. Montbretia "Lucifer" is what I'm bringing. I'm wondering if I can rent a chick in Little Neck without the neighbors finding out.

  2. I'll bet you can. Heck, they are smaller than a parrot! LOL
    I think I'll pack up some of my Dulcis lablab seeds (purple hyancinth bean - I think there's a photo of them on my back garden fence on this blog somewhere). Hmmm... I'll have to check some other seeds and stuff. No new chickens for me!

  3. omg cant wait to meet you guys! so excited and found this blog through my links. I wish i had time to read through it all right now but i know i will next week! love figs and fruits! :)

  4. Rent-a-Chick! How cool.

    It is great to know that you have a source for new birds if something does happen again, though.

  5. Can't wait to see you at the swap, Gina! Prairie Cat, you are so right! I'm looking forward to meeting Gina's chickens - photos WILL follow!!!


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