Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peacock Woes.....

Last year, our beloved pet peacock, Cuppers, got a mate - also from our friend, Cindy Boggs.  Her name is Curlique (or Q or Princess Q).  Rob took one look at the long neck and little white head on top and dubbed her Q-Tip. 

Anyway, it was our hope that having a lady "to hand", as it were, would keep Cuppers from calling for a mate - yodeling would be more the term or perhaps screaming, if you are not a peacock lover, and also keep him at home.

He's been happy and all this spring has been displaying like a maniac with his lovely, HUGE new tail.

Lady Q has not been impressed... and in a resounding display of indifference, marched off through the fields to a neighbor's chicken yard where she appeared to be smitten with a tall white rooster.  So much for arranged marriages.

Cuppers called and yodeled and paced and called some more.  Called all night, in fact - something ALL of our neighbors can attest to.  We hiked to the neighbor's,  trapped Q and brought her back home.  In fact, in a desperate attempt to placate her misplaced libido, we even brought home the rooster..... not that we wanted a rooster.....

So here is the new rooster, who really IS a handsome lad, now known as the SnowMan.  (We considered calling him "Pollard" because he's a perfect copy of the Pollard's Chicken rooster, but that seemed a bit cold-hearted.)

All seemed well.  Q was entertained with ignoring more males than she needed.   The hens, who had been living rooster-less since dear Mr. Chicken gave his life to save them from the dogs, fell in love on sight.  Snowman fell for the chickens.

Everyone seemed happy except for the increasingly frustrated male peacock in residence. 

Figuring what's good for the goose is good for the gander, Cuppers then hiked off to the same neighbor's chicken yard.  We lured him home.  More yodeling and calling.  <sigh>  Not a lot of sleep around here.  To enjoy the experience of peacock calls, you can check out this Youtube clip:  Peacock Calls

So, as it stands, the peacocks are more or less contentedly incarcerated in their large, roomy peacock pen.  Snowman and the hens roam about - - but at least they have the sense to return to their safe coop at night.  Wish I could say as much for the peacocks.  We're going to have to figure out  something.....   It's months until mating season is over.

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  1. Love the Peacock story and I do hope the two get to be better friends so they will possibly be Peacock parents. Mr Snowman is beautiful.. No wonder Q fell for him.


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