Monday, March 5, 2012

March Spring - In like a Lion.....

It's March, no doubt.

From 70 degrees to 35 degrees,
from sun to rain, rain, rain - winds and a bit of snow.
Hoo, hooo!  I am bundled up taking these photos 
on my way to the chicken coop.
Dark snow clouds building behind the back fields.
I made the girls a huge pancake from Sunday's leftover batter.
Lots of blueberries, lots of carbs.  They LOVED it!

The field is still soggy and puddled from the rains.

Poor chickens are picking their way through the water
looking for bugs and goodies that have surfaced.

After a good soaking like this
in the summer,
this would be a worm feast.
As the poor worms come to the surface
looking for oxygen,
the chickens pounce!

Today looks like sliim pickings!

But there are still blossoms to enjoy, even on this windy March morning!
This daffodil, bought years ago from Brent & Becky's Bulbs
is such a warm delight on hard spring days like this one.

Although sometimes the white on gray contrast with these
cold, windy skies seems more like ice crystals.....
These plum blossoms are hardy - too hardy.
Bees are not out yet!

Back to sixties in another 48 hours.  Perhaps there's still hope of a hardy pollinator
or two for all of these plum blossoms..... but it's cold, cold today.

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