Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day and Fig Cuttings are In The Mail!

Rob balancing packages of fig cuttings!
Well, this is it!

Actually, this is less than HALF of it - but this is one pile of fig cutting packages being carried out to the Jeep en route to the Post Office. The cuttings are now ALL on their way to you....traveling anywhere from around the corner to across the nation! 

The cuttings have all been waxed on the cut ends and they are still fully dormant, so they should withstand any travel woes, like freezing postal trucks and such.

If your lovely, carefully printed little tag labels have fallen off, as some seemed predicted to do, look carefully at the stems and you'll see our shorthand code for the varieties.  I'll post the varieties in their own little post to help solve the mystery.

And, folks, thank you again.  I can't tell you how generous and kind you have all been.  These cuttings have been blessed on their way to you and I hope they grow beautifully and bring you years of joy.

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