Monday, February 27, 2012

Fig Cuttings Almost Ready to Go!

The cuttings for all my San Mar bike ride supporters are taken, sorted, labelled and ready to be packed for mailing!  We can't wait! Since the labels didn't seem to be holding reliably, my ever-reliable hubby sat and printed the ID codes on every stem.  <love, love>

This is a perfect time of year for cuttings - transport is easy while they are solidly dormant and they'll be arriving in great time to be rooted and ready for transplanting when warm spring weather arrives! 

For those folks who are relatively (or completely) new to rooting cuttings, I created a new page here on the blog.  Look up toward the banner and to your left and you'll see a tab that says "Propagating Fig Trees".  Click on that to leap to a page of advice - both my own tips and fabulous tips & photos  from Dave Krop (.09 Acres Blog), Jon Verdick  (  - a super fig site) and Ray Givan.  Even links to a propagation video!

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