Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weeds by Any Other Name.....

Winter weeds.  Are they amazing?  
Not a thing green in the perennial garden... but the winter weeds.  
Recognize any of these?

 This is a combination of Henbit, which is the rounded Lamium family member (see the rounded heavily veined leaves?) and Chickweed (Stellaria media) forming a flat, small-leaved mat of green around a central root base.  It's what's taking over the garden beds right now.

In former years, I went crazy fighting these weeds. 
Then I got chickens.
Chickens who needed lots of greens for their winter diet.
And, suddenly, I knew WHY the old traditional gardeners gave them 
these names.
Henbit gets hen bit immediately.  Munch, munch.
Loved only less than Chickweed.
Which really IS the chick's weed.

Butter chicken feasting on Chickweed.
Freckles and Peacock Cuppers lining up for weeds.
Henny Penny is suspicious about the beet leaf in her weeds.

So now weeding is a lot more fun for everyone!
Who knew?
Henbit, Chickweed....
Do you suppose they'd be better layers
if I fed them Eggplant????

with a grin,

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