Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In winter, a gardener's thoughts turn to spring.....

One of my greatest winter pleasures is sitting nestled in front of the fireplace in my favorite reading chair with an armload of new gardening catalogs, my gardening notebook and a fistful of post-it notes.  I love to look through the colorful photos and lively descriptions, imagining new garden beds full of food and color.  Look at those gardening gloves!  And the darling cloches and parterres and sculptures! And those zinnias! (My personal total weakness - I'd seed the world with brilliant, hardy zinnias, given my druthers.)  <sigh>  
Zinnia hybrid "Zowie"

So I mark and scribbled and plot and plan and draw out garden designs and redesigns.
How to keep the chickens out of the seed beds?
I've lost my space for the artichokes - - now what???

I wonder if anyone else is ordering from  Their seed packets are so beautiful and so huge.... it'd be great to swap/share some seeds.  Their peppers are fabulous.

Next I'm into the seed storage drawer, where I have to sort out what's left from past years. Then I need to test some samples to see if the seeds I've hoarded are still viable (got a couple of unhappy surprises last spring) while there's still time to order replacements.

So much to do ....
and we're not even gardening yet!
Well, yes... of course we are....
gardening is, as always, as much inspiration as perspiration.

That's why it lifts our spirits so!

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  1. Sorry this has nothing to do directly with gardening but I read where you trimmed your roosters spurs with baked potatoes and I am wondering did you lay the potato against the outside of the spur or push the spur inside the potato and how far up did you put the potato? Thanks my email is


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