Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hick Trash Chicken Coop

Yep. We are now the most disreputable chicken coop in the neighborhood.  And, in my rural neighborhood, that is really saying something.

That mess back there is the chicken coop and run, now with full added winter wind protection.  What a tacky mess... but (a) it works and (b) it is actually staying on in the wind!  I took this photo from a ways away so y'all could appreciate that this coop, with its tiny stand of trees, is smack out in the barren fields.  Wide wind country.  Double plus un-good for Nor'easters that will be coming....

The peacocks were determined to roost in that pathetic stand of trees and were getting blown in the icy winds.  Things didn't look good.

Now they - and the chickens - are incarcerated in that tacky, gypsy tent of a chicken run until the end of March.  They will survive, getting fat on lots of hay and laying in the sunshine in the open south side.

It doesn't look any better from the front, does it?
Notice that it's the only place on the whole darned farm
that has shade in the summer.
Notice the far, far tree line?
That's the next state.


  1. Wide open spaces! I'm envious. I bet the wind really does come swooping down on you!

  2. Ah, Veggie - You should see the meteor showers from out here, especially with no street lights!

  3. Oh, and I should say that they gets lots of chicken feed, not just hay!


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