Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frolic in the Chicken Coop

Everyone snugged down in the ticky-tacky chicken run 
to ride out this week's weather.
They have lots of fresh hay - a real treat - 
along with some freshly mowed grass
(thank you warm spell).

Cuppers, the Peacock, maneuvers very carefully
life is awkward when you are turning
with a five foot tail.

He and Cue (Q, QT, Cutie, Curlique) his snowy mate
like hanging with the chickens
and are quite calm about being in the run 
for a few weeks.

But - soon... SOON he will be back in the garden
like a fabulous ornament.
A fabulous, seed bed ruining, flower stomping
He's perfect.
And he knows it.


  1. Any time I bring up getting a peacock, my friends gasp in horror as if I've confessed to a crime. Cuppers looks pretty awesome; seriously are peacocks as difficult and noisy to house and raise as everyone (even those who've never had one) assert?

    Would love your insight. Thanks

  2. Tom, my peacoks are so quiet you wouldn't believe it. Perhaps because he has a mate (the loud calls are generally really only during mating season). My two never call unless they lose sight of each other and then one will call the other. My pair roost with the chickens - actually the peacock hen roosts with the chicken hens and the peacock roosts up on his high perch in the covered run, where he is safe from predators/weather but can let his now-five-foot-plus tail hang down comfortably.

    You know, when I adopted these I had the same reaction from friends and I just had to laugh. Where our farm is, I live with constant baying of hunting dog kennels, LOUD pickup trucks and their equally loud teenage male owners, all of the heavy arsenal noises from Blackwater Inc (whatever they are calling themselves this month), AND (just for good measure) the donkeys in the neighborhood. Noise? Really???? I announced that it was MY turn to have something noisy! And then they turned out not to be at all.

    Seriously, they are about 1/10th as noisy as guineas, if that gives you any comparison. And they love to roost independently in the tallest trees you have. Mine would be perfectly happy out (as my neighbors' peas are) if only they had some decent pines and cover. As is, their roosting trees are completely exposed, so they are "in" for the winter.

    Ya oughta get a pair. Seriously! They are so improbably beautiful wandering across the farm that I just stop and admire them .... worth every bit of themselves. And they are also truly funny. Maybe I can try a video.....

  3. Okay - I have to add to this post to say that the quiet was broken when mating season arrived. Our peahen fell in love with a white rooster two doors down (two doors down being about the length of a football field out here). The male wanted her home and began calling in no uncertain manner. "EeeYAH! EeeeYAH!" Loud and lonely. Night after night. Amazingly, our neighbors never complained - they really didn't mind, but it was driving me nuts. So, the final answer to the question of noise seems to be: perfectly fine except for mating season. Plan on earplugs for the month of June.....


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