Friday, January 27, 2012

"Fresh" the Movie - Viewable on our Desktops!

 Good rainy, stormy morning!  67 balmy degrees here in Virginia Beach - with a truly nasty looking red-band storm front bearing down on us.  Dashed out to feed the chickens and walk small dogs.... back in for good coffee and a hello to the blogosphere!

This is a really quick post to make sure that none of my gardening friends miss this neat chance to view the movie documentary, "Fresh", for free on your own computer.  I've been very inspired by this movie - don't panic, there are factory farming scenes in there but nothing that is not real or faint-worthy (at least to someone like me who's been aware of the realities for some time).  It will make you want to grow, grow, grow wonderful food and support the terrific small farms in your area.  Here's the info you need:

Here at FRESH, we're always looking for ways to build the good food movement and reach a tipping point where sustainable food is the rule, not the exception. So, we'd like to continue spreading the word with an exciting new initiative: FRESH is available for viewing online for FREE! For a limited time (we do need to pay our bills after all), you can access the full-length film from your desktop. The movie will be available for one week, from Thursday, January 26th through Wednesday, February 1st, so don't wait to watch! To access the movie, simply click below.

Great Day to be inside watching an inspiring movie!  - Sybil

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