Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Butter! New chicken arrives!

This is lonely Butter, my friend Colleen's last chicken.
Everyone else at their coop had been eaten.
By a raccoon, probably.
Butter was just waiting it out,
waiting her turn.
Now she's at our house, and this is her looking out at the new neighborhood, wondering.....

Butter is very lovely.  She is an  Auracana hen, probably one of the Americanas and every feather is decorated and beautiful.  She has a striking ruff and wonderful cheek fluffs.  Rumor has it that she regularly lays green eggs.

Rob is waiting for green eggs and ham.

Right now, Butter is mostly sitting on her separate perch, carefully watching the home flock and checking out who is in charge, who is friendly, who is to be feared....   We tried sneaking her in with the others but they were running her ragged and we decided to let her acclimate in her own little side "house".

Let me tell you, any time I hear some well-meaning fool chiming along about "Oh, Why can't we all get along in harmony, like in nature and the animals"  I just shake my head.  What I know immediately is that this la-la-land resident has never truly observed animals or raised animals.  It's a chicken-peck-chicken world out there. No one cooperates - - very much. Welcome a newcomer with open arms?  "Oh, hello, why don't you step over here and share our cracked corn?"  Ooooooh, not likely. It's more like "Yo, bitch, step back and get outta here!"

The welcome wagon ladies?  I think not.


  1. Chickens - lessons of life & ways of the world! I am convinced that it won't be long before she will have those "foul" hens melting like Butter in her sweet hands!

  2. Butter is now in the main pen and the two bully twin chickens are in the attached "apartment". This is giving Butter time to get familiar with the three old chickens and the peacocks. She's been wandering around more and I think she's getting to be part of the flock. When enough time's passed, we'll put them more together. Holly wants me to take some of her chickens - she's traveling more now and doesn't want to burden neighbors with feeding chickens. So Butter may not be the Lone Target soon - I think a couple of barred rocks are going to join her. Chicken rescue - who knew??


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