Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can You Find the Peacock?

Just came in from checking on the chickens and peacocks.  Bonus credit if you can find the peacock in the trees behind the chicken coop.  (Extra credit - the little roundish blob to his upper right is his mate, Q, already balled up against the cold of the evening.) 

See the contrails?  Well, admire this:

See that tiny bright crescent in the middle?  The moon!  Also this evening, up above the peacocks. Can you tell our farm is on a human flyway? It's not just the waterfowl winging through this time of year.

What's really amazing is the sound of geese moving so high up you can barely see them, following the same intuitive path that our navigation can only hope to emulate.

Oh, and you get more bonus credit if you'd like to guess in which direction the Charlotte airline hub is located.... <laughing>

Anyway, back out to finish closing up - couldn't resist a couple of photos though.

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