Monday, November 28, 2011

Let Us Lettuce.... no?

Ack.  Do you see those beeeautiful lettuce plants? That view is just a cute square of my winter salad raised bed, full of tasty lettuce, arugula and greens for my "off season" salad treats. 

Do they look tasty and delicious?  Yes, yes.

Do they look healthy and nutritious?  Yes, yes.

Do they look suitable for a salad?  Yes, yes.

Do they look full of APHIDS?????? 
Well, they ARE.

Hissssss.  Breaking out cinnamon oil and water sprays. The beneficials are long gone a few frosts ago.  Wouldn't you think the little soft-bodied aphids would've kicked off, too????

If y'all have grown lettuce you know what it's going to be like cleaning itty bitty aphid bodies off those beautifully crenulated and cutleaf leaves.   <sigh>  The best laid plans of gardeners.......

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I better check my lettuce! Here I thought it was doing so well because I thought it was too chilly for those critters! When I inspect them I hope I don't find any of those pests!


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