Monday, November 28, 2011

Let Us Lettuce.... no?

Ack.  Do you see those beeeautiful lettuce plants? That view is just a cute square of my winter salad raised bed, full of tasty lettuce, arugula and greens for my "off season" salad treats. 

Do they look tasty and delicious?  Yes, yes.

Do they look healthy and nutritious?  Yes, yes.

Do they look suitable for a salad?  Yes, yes.

Do they look full of APHIDS?????? 
Well, they ARE.

Hissssss.  Breaking out cinnamon oil and water sprays. The beneficials are long gone a few frosts ago.  Wouldn't you think the little soft-bodied aphids would've kicked off, too????

If y'all have grown lettuce you know what it's going to be like cleaning itty bitty aphid bodies off those beautifully crenulated and cutleaf leaves.   <sigh>  The best laid plans of gardeners.......

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moments of Thankfulness at the Farm

Even when it seems to me that most of my gardening energy is spent whining about how much I'm not getting done and how disreputable everything looks and how far behind I am in all my plans.... there are sudden moments when I am simply thankful to be here.

Coming out the back door to find a blaze of color in my empty winter garden - Cuppers, the peacock waiting for me to come out with treats.

Fresh Ponderosa lemons ripening on their little tree near the back door, ready to go in iced tea for our holiday feasting.

The gentle, sweet fragrance of Loquat blossoms perfuming the air all around the house with the promise of fruit in the spring.

And the beauty of a rainbow in the autumn rains.

Lawd, why do I gripe so much?

These are the moments worth being born for.

And worth being grateful for.

May your life be full of gratitude because it is full of wonderful things.

And best wishes from this little farm.