Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Coop Coup

One of my darling girlfriends saw fit to gift me with a ridiculous metal rooster that she hauled cross country solely for the purpose of adorning my chicken coop.

Upon seeing the rooster, I realized that my chicken coop had become much too drab to host such an artistic statement. 

It was drabber than it looks in this photo - really needing a new coat of paint and some jazzy color.  (You can see the larger peacock aviary that attaches to the coop in the background.)

So, to celebrate the arrival of the Metal Masterpiece, I spent the weekend scraping and painting the coop.

Alas, the photo shown doesn't include the final coat of new bright barn red paint... but you get the picture!

The color choice was dictated by whatever was in the barn - we are determinedly using up the decades of stuff accumulated out there.  We call it "shopping the barn".  :)

Final photos will follow - but we all agree that the bright yellow trim has cheered us up and the chickens will have a reason to be happy again!  Thanks, Lesley!


  1. The honour is mine - the roster was a sad orphan until it was adopted as a mascot by the Mays.

  2. The new metal rooster and fresh coat of paint make all the difference. Lookin' good in Paradise!

  3. Questions: So do you go out each night and shut the door to the coop and just where did she find the metal rooster. it would look good on top of our chicken house. And sorry to read about your other post where the dogs got your chickens. Dogs havnet messed with ours, racoons have. 4 different racoons have taken and killed chickens in our house. Thanks for the blog. It is a pleasure reading it.

  4. We do indeed go out at night, say nighty-night to the girls (counting heads at the same time) and close up the coop. We have the ability to open the coop only into the chain link chicken run - the chain link panels seem impervious to the many raccoons in our area - and when we do that, the girls can roam in the open run and go back at night on their own, safe and sound.

    So glad you enjoyed the blog - I've been very lax the last few months but am hoping to get some posts up this week!

  5. PS My darling friend dragged that silly rooster all the way from New Mexico to Virginia!!


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