Friday, July 29, 2011

Loquat Seeds - the beautiful harvest

 Behold the most beautiful seeds in my personal plant kingdom!

These are Loquat seeds (Eriobotrya japonica).  They represent the seed harvest from my entire crop from this June. 

I don't need more Loquats, but I can never, ever resist planting these seeds.  Alas, they don't stay this gorgeous as they dry out or I'd have necklaces of them to wear every day.  As it is, they are tucked into a ziplock in my fridge, waiting for planting time....which will be when I get to it.  Soon, I hope.

FYI, the last third of the Loquat harvest looked like this:

For whatever genetic reason, I notice that the fruits of this tree are less "fuzzy" than most Loquats. And you can see that these got bug pecked, even hidden under those hard, ridged leaves.

In previous years, I have shared my harvest - at least one or two to Rob.  Not this year.  Less than a dozen Loquats.  I ate them all.

Catching Up with the Season

This is the current status of the tomato/pepper bed - moved early this spring from back by the barn into the pool gardens.  (Here's the photo from the beginning planting:  spring tomato/pepper bed planting .) 

Strawberry Verte fig to the left and Basjoo banana to the right.  That banana - the one I wasn't sure would survive the winter unprotected, as it pathetically froze to the ground - is over 14' high.  No bananas, thanks to the freezing winters but, oh, so tropical when seen from the porch.

Amazingly, this ONE small bed, only 4x8' is currently producing more tomatoes and wonderful Carmagnolo Rosso peppers than I can keep up with.  It's planted too densely, I'll admit, but that seems to be keeping the soil mix a tad more moist and cool than otherwise.   How amazing to have only a couple of small veggie beds!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back After a Not-So-Short Break (or) Welcome to Mid-Summer

Well, I only meant to turn my attention away from my own little blog for a bit while I worked on another web project and look what happens!  Ten weeks gone.  Good excuses, however, I've been devoting my online time to revamping the website for the Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center (formerly known as Animal Control).  As an all-volunteer project, the site had become badly disorganized and was very difficult to use.  It's my hope that I can continue to tweak it into a site that will result in better adoption rates for the shelter.  If anyone hikes over to the link, please share your thoughts and suggestions with me!  A real thrill was getting the okay from Robert Seymour to include his wonderful BirdBreath cartoons in the new site.  He's not only a talented cartoonist but a true supporter of animal rescue.  Many thanks, RS!