Monday, May 16, 2011

New Chicks Have Hatched!

Great joy and commotion!  The two determined banty hens successfully nested and hatched TEN baby chicks - six hatched for one mama and the other mama hatched four.  Such hysterical clucking and excitement!

At this point the babies are almost a week old and are shooting around the pens, driving their harried mama hens to distraction.  They cheep constantly.  Healthy, happy babies!

Right before and during hatching, the hens flatten out protectively - you can tell there are little ones moving underneath.

Here is one of the first chicks checking out the new surroundings - staying very close to mama!

Sometimes it feels safer to rest under mama's protective wing and just peek out at the world.

And then, suddenly, there are SIX and they are everywhere!  Mama hen scrambles to keep track of them all.....

Notice the interesting assortment of colors and patterns?  This is going to be a very amusing flock of.... whatevers......  can't help but laugh.  Hope most are hens.....


  1. What a great brood of fuzzy chicks! I bet their mama's are tired at night! They all look very healthy. Congrats!

  2. How are the new chicks doing? Looking forward to an update from you!


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