Friday, April 8, 2011

What could occupy a gardener in the spring???

Okay, I admit it... my gardens are leaving out, growing and blooming with almost no input from my end.  The chickens showed up in the perennial beds and did the weeding - tossing mulch in all directions but, hey, the chickweed, henbit and dandelion sprouts are gone!  The trees and shrubs have simply gone on, following their own muse, while I was totally preoccupied.  With what, you say?  With this....

"Play with me!" the baby says.  "Put down that trowel and play with ME!"
And so I do.  Puppyhood is short lived and this little foster will -- soon, I hope, for his sake -- be on his way to a loving "forever" home.  Time to enjoy Baby Maverick while he is here.


  1. Those chickens really do an amazing job! I never realized how much tossing and kicking and scratching of material they do until I saw yours going bonkers in your mulch. Glad to hear Mav is keeping you on your toes...I still ask around for interested dog parents...

  2. Happy news is that baby Maverick went on, thanks to the help of a kindly, rescue-transporting long-haul truck driver,to his new forever home in Connecticut. He was huge fun and so adorable and now our little farm is much quieter.....


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