Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Princess Curlique Arrives!

Well, after months of waiting and weeks of forlorn calling (for an idea of what this is like, either ask our neighbors or click here: Peacock Calls on YouTube ), Cuppers the Peacock finally has a girlfriend!

The same darling girl, Cindy, who gave us Cupcake, aka Cuppers, has now gifted him with a girl of his own.  Like Cindy's mama peacock, Lady Curlique (that's "Curly Q" for the country minded among us) is a beautiful creamy white with gold, green and black accents.  If only my El Cheapo camera would do her justice....

She's a bit disheveled in this photo after riding in the carrier and is now inspecting the compost area of the run.  Note the delicate turn of foot..... what a princess!

Next was the introductory inspection of each other (see below)... note her polite head turn as she ignores his direct stare...

 Followed by the intoductory waltz...... heads up, heads down, heads up, heads down.....

And ending, so far, with both seeming quite shy but companionable.

Cuppers is much the awkward teenaged boy-on-a-first-date, ducking his head shyly and dashing in every few minutes to check his reflection in the coop mirror.  He fluffs, ducks down shyly and sidles around Lady Q. as she slowly and quietly strolls around the run, checking out the new digs.  She's kept up a low but constand patter of nervous clicks and he occasionally clicks back, but so far he hasn't done much other than looking like a nervous guy on prom night.

Waiting to see how they sort out roosting this evening.....  we are SO thrilled with her arrival. 

Let me tell you, from backyard chicken country... THIS is the Royal Wedding!!

Confetti for everyone! Champagne!

Friday, April 8, 2011

What could occupy a gardener in the spring???

Okay, I admit it... my gardens are leaving out, growing and blooming with almost no input from my end.  The chickens showed up in the perennial beds and did the weeding - tossing mulch in all directions but, hey, the chickweed, henbit and dandelion sprouts are gone!  The trees and shrubs have simply gone on, following their own muse, while I was totally preoccupied.  With what, you say?  With this....

"Play with me!" the baby says.  "Put down that trowel and play with ME!"
And so I do.  Puppyhood is short lived and this little foster will -- soon, I hope, for his sake -- be on his way to a loving "forever" home.  Time to enjoy Baby Maverick while he is here.