Saturday, March 5, 2011

"... in the weeds"

When one of my young friends was working as a waitress, she told me that the code phrase they used in the restaurant business for being hopelessly behind was to say that they were "in the weeds".  Ha!  I am, figuratively and literally, in the weeds, let me tell you.  And, if only the early spring weeds weren't so lovely.  I hate to pull them - but I also know what they will become in my garden beds if left to my admiration.  Remember the movie about the little cuddly aliens that turn into horrible monsters if you feed them?  Well.....

But, meanwhile, have you seen the stunning fields of purple Henbit (a weed, yes) gracing all of the roadways out here in Princess Anne County (south Virginia Beach)?  If these were on a photo calendar of Provence, we would all be saying, "oh, my - I must go there and visit on vacation". Right now we have the insanely beautiful combination of purple fields graced with thousands of white snow geese.  It is Grace just to look at it.  I wish I had a camera that would do it justice.

And already the big agricultural herbicide sprayers are already in action and the beautiful drifts of purple Henbit will all be dead soon, as farmers are getting ready for the first Monsanto bred seed crop.  I'm not saying it's not necessary, just that it makes me feel sad and empty somehow.

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