Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cabbage Thief!!!

Okay, so I've been growling about the @#$ rabbits getting into the raised bed of cabbage.  Haven't seen any rabbits, mind you - but I assumed they were about since something had eaten fully half a head of beautiful, ready-to-pick savoy cabbage.

And then I happened to see someone sneaking, sneaking up on the cabbage bed.

And, now I have proof of what one scavenging peacock can do to a head of cabbage!

Sigh.  So now I'm keeping an eye out to see where and when he gets into the raised beds.  (Below, he's checking out the garlic in one of the old beds.)

But his real joy is just dustbathing with the chickens in the loose, dry dirt where we've been taking out old raised beds.  It looks like it just feel sooooo good to be in the warm, itch-stopping dirt.  They really do love it!

More spring joy for all of us.
And, yes, I promptly began harvesting cabbage - before it was all gone!!!



  1. Hehehe He is a sneaky little devil!

  2. And I thought " Cuppers" was such a shy, retiring guy! Cabbage eater!!


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