Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cabbage Thief!!!

Okay, so I've been growling about the @#$ rabbits getting into the raised bed of cabbage.  Haven't seen any rabbits, mind you - but I assumed they were about since something had eaten fully half a head of beautiful, ready-to-pick savoy cabbage.

And then I happened to see someone sneaking, sneaking up on the cabbage bed.

And, now I have proof of what one scavenging peacock can do to a head of cabbage!

Sigh.  So now I'm keeping an eye out to see where and when he gets into the raised beds.  (Below, he's checking out the garlic in one of the old beds.)

But his real joy is just dustbathing with the chickens in the loose, dry dirt where we've been taking out old raised beds.  It looks like it just feel sooooo good to be in the warm, itch-stopping dirt.  They really do love it!

More spring joy for all of us.
And, yes, I promptly began harvesting cabbage - before it was all gone!!!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

More "No Impact" - what about those newspaper bags?

Trust me - this looks like a dull post, but the creative stuff is down at the end.   Don't miss it!

Despite all of the effort I've been making to reduce and eliminate waste and trash at our house, there are still some problem areas. One bit of "trash" that arrives daily is the plastic wrap the carriers now put on our Virginian-Pilot newspaper. I've been including these with my few plastic grocery bags, packing it all into one plastic grocery bag and taking them to my usual store's plastic recycling bin, which is generally located just outside one of the entry doors. 

I've been a bit concerned whether this was a legitimate thing to do, so today I actually went to the website that's listed on the bag itself. Turns out that combining newspaper bags with grocery bags is just fine.

Here's the link that says exactly what you can include in this kind of recycling and where you can take the result:

In a nutshell, here's what the site says you can recycle together at Bloom, Farm Fresh, Food Lion, Harris Teeter (and the site lists more grocery stores in our area):

DO recycle:

•Grocery bags

•Retail bags (hard plastic and string handles removed)

•Paper towel and toilet paper plastic wrap

•Plastic newspaper bags

•Plastic dry cleaning bags

•All clean, clear bags labeled with a #2 or #4

Note: Please recycle only plastic bags that are clean and dry. Please remove receipts.

And here's the DON'T list:

Do NOT include the following.
The following are considered contaminants and could jeopardize recycling programs:

NO food or cling wrap

NO prepackaged food bags including frozen food bags

(e.g., prewashed salad bags)

NO film that has been painted or has excessive glue

NO other bags or films

NO bio-based or compostable plastic bags

OR, if you know how to crochet, well... you can crochet some plastic bag garden hats!!!  Check this out:

And, yes, there is a blog dedicated to nothing but the things you can crochet out of plastic bags....  More proof that there is more crazy, creative stuff going on in this world than I ever suspect!! 

I'm going to have to find crochet hooks... and a tutor!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"... in the weeds"

When one of my young friends was working as a waitress, she told me that the code phrase they used in the restaurant business for being hopelessly behind was to say that they were "in the weeds".  Ha!  I am, figuratively and literally, in the weeds, let me tell you.  And, if only the early spring weeds weren't so lovely.  I hate to pull them - but I also know what they will become in my garden beds if left to my admiration.  Remember the movie about the little cuddly aliens that turn into horrible monsters if you feed them?  Well.....

But, meanwhile, have you seen the stunning fields of purple Henbit (a weed, yes) gracing all of the roadways out here in Princess Anne County (south Virginia Beach)?  If these were on a photo calendar of Provence, we would all be saying, "oh, my - I must go there and visit on vacation". Right now we have the insanely beautiful combination of purple fields graced with thousands of white snow geese.  It is Grace just to look at it.  I wish I had a camera that would do it justice.

And already the big agricultural herbicide sprayers are already in action and the beautiful drifts of purple Henbit will all be dead soon, as farmers are getting ready for the first Monsanto bred seed crop.  I'm not saying it's not necessary, just that it makes me feel sad and empty somehow.