Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a difference a Day Makes!

Who can resist photos on a gloriously brilliant, snow-shining day like this?

Yesterday, my gardening pal, Holly, and I cleaned out the greenhouse, getting ready for spring lettuce and early spring vegetable seedlings. The ground was damp but green and sprouting daffodils and tulips made it seem like spring was on the way.

Today, the gardens are buried under 4" of fresh, new snow that arrived overnight.  No plant flats in the GardenWay cart now -- just snow!

The view out back, toward the barn and greenhouse, was so pristinely blue and white that it was irresistable. There was nothing for it but to hike out through that winter landscape.

Although the coop stays warm and dry, the chickens and Cuppers, the Peacock, were out marching uncomfortably through the heavy, damp snow.   They didn't seem quite sure what to make of it, although this winter they've had a lot of experience in wading through shin deep snows - if chickens have shins, that is.

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